Start your company

Become financial market broker
Company starting budget

from 15 000 USD
Average income

form 5 000 USD per month
Payback period

from 3 months
We offer
To register your company
— To register your business in the best jurisdiction;
— To open a European Bank account;
— To do everything remotely.
To provide the software
— To set up trading platform ( ;
— To rent server;
— To provide data feeds;
— To launch risk-management system;
— To provide admin and clients terminals;
— To install Trader's Room.
To develop your company website
— To design logo;
— To make adaptive website;
— To fill the website with the content;
— To plug in analytics and web-services.
To connect funds acceptance by cards
— To connect funds acceptance via Visa/MasterCard;
— To connect any PSP on your request.
To provide you with client traffic
— To link with the best lead generation services;
— To integrate leads supply to CRM or E-mail.
Company starting budget
from 15 000 USD
Business registration
from 2 000 USD
Website development
from 1 000 USD
from 9 000 USD
Clients search
from 3 000 USD
Monthly costs
from 5 000 USD per month
from 1 000 USD
Office rent
from 1 000 USD
Staff salary
from 1 000 USD
from 2 000 USD
No commissions from lots and profit
Business development steps
Contract signing
Business registration
Website development
Software installation

Company development takes
from 2 weeks.

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